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GMC comments on decision to strike off Dr Ian Paterson

GMC Statement

25 Jul 2017

GMC Chief Executive, Charlie Massey, has reacted to the news that Dr Ian Paterson has been struck off the medical register by the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service.

He said:

‘I am pleased that Ian Paterson has today been removed from the medical register, and can no longer do harm to patients. His terrible actions went unchecked for too long because managers and colleagues had their concerns but did not speak up; indeed, it took brave patients to bring these issues to our attention whereupon we took action to suspend him, investigate and refer the matter to police.

‘Over recent months I have listened to victims’ stories unfold and have been appalled at the impact that his actions have had on so many lives. I hope that today’s decision by the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service provides some element of closure for those affected.

‘Although the world is a fundamentally different place now where we have measures to tackle acts such as this much earlier, I am determined that we will leave no stone unturned to help the health system learn lessons from this case. One of those lessons must be how concerns about healthcare professionals are shared between clinical staff and managers, and between the private sector and the NHS. We will do everything possible to support that learning.’    

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