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Interactive learning

Wood for the trees (the play)

Background to the play


The issues

Communication with patients

Why you must talk to the patient

Respect and rapport: the therapeutic relationship

Challenging behaviour and communication

Speaking directly to the patient


Introduction to discrimination

An example of discrimination

Assumptions about quality of life

Consent and capacity

Capacity to consent

Reassessing capacity

The role of family carers

Working with carers

Check how the patient is when well

When carers aren't helpful

Recognising carers' limitations


Patient perspectives

Six lives

Johnson's story

Carol's story


Into Practice

5 things to remember

Communication with patients

Simple communication tips

Talking mats

Some tips for communicating

Speaking directly to the patient

Patient passports

How to build rapport

Examples of reasonable adjustments

Another reasonable adjustment: desensitisation

Working with carers

How to handle a carer who speaks for the patient

Recognising the carer's limitations


Avoiding discrimination

Adjustments can make a difference

The importance of training

Encouraging positive attitudes

Consent and capacity

Expert's tips about assessing capacity

Assumptions about capacity

Reassessing capacity