Learning disabilities

The issues

‘We all need a better understanding of people with learning disabilities if they and their carers are to get better services and opportunities.’*

From the GMC's guidance

'Good doctors do their best to make sure all patients receive good care and treatment that will support them to live as well as possible, whatever their illness or disability.' (Good medical practice, paragraph 2)

This section explores the four issues we’ve identified as being key to providing better healthcare for people with learning disabilities.

We look at how easily problems can occur if important things are overlooked. And how even the smallest changes to your practice can make a big difference.

The issues

The issues: recommendations from The Same As You?

* Quote from The Same As You - a review of services for people with learning disabilities carried out by the Scottish Government.

For links to more inquiry reports and policy documents including Healthcare for all and The Bamford Review see the Resources section.