Learning disabilities

Into practice

'...it’s inspirational, it makes you want to be a good doctor; it makes you want to be remembered...for helping them and making that difference'*

From the GMC's guidance

'You must make sure, wherever practical, that arrangements are made to give the patient any necessary support.' (Consent, paragraph 21)

Starting with the four topics explored in The issues section, Into practice explores solutions to the problems and gives practical ideas for how to improve your consultations with patients who have a learning disability.

In Tips for doctors, general practitioner and RCGP clinical champion Dr Matt Hoghton and sets out what he thinks are the most important things to bear in mind.


5 important things to remember

Professor Baroness Sheila Hollins lists five important things to remember when seeing a patient who has a learning disability.

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* Julia, a fourth year medical student taking part in the Conwy Connect project. Watch a short film about the project on the Discrimination page of Into practice.