Navigating GMC Connect

Home page

When you log in to GMC Connect, you'll see the following key features on the home page.*

  1. The Change Group link is displayed if you have access to more than one Stakeholder group
  2. The left-hand menu is used to navigate GMC Connect
  3. Links to news items posted by GMC Connect administrators

*If you have GMC Connect accounts for multiple groups (for example responsible officers and royal college) or organisations (for example, two royal colleges) attached to your username, you will need to choose the group and/or organisation you want to view before you will see the home page.

Navigation hints and tips

There are no familiar forward and back buttons when you're logged in to GMC Connect. You move around the system using the left hand menu and any back button you see on screen.

Unless you want to exit GMC Connect, don't click on the cross in the right-hand corner of the GMC Connect window. This is any window with the title GMC Connect and featuring our logo.