The launch of Good medical practice (2013)

22 April 2013

Good medical practice (2013) and the explanatory guidance which supports it, comes into effect on 22 April 2013. We published the guidance on 25 March to give doctors and others an opportunity to become familiar with the guidance.

Good medical practice sets out the principles and values on which good practice is founded. We also publish explanatory guidance which provides more detail on various topics that doctors and others ask us about.

During the review of GMP 2013, we consulted on nine pieces of explanatory guidance (one of which has since been reincorporated into GMP itself) leaving eight pieces of guidance, including one new piece on doctors’ use of social media which all come into effect at the same time as GMP 2013:

Darllen a lawrlwytho fersiynau Cymraeg o Arfer Meddygol Da (2013) a'r canllawiau esboniadol

New learning materials 

To show how the principles in GMP and the explanatory guidance apply in practice, we’ve refreshed our interactive case studies, Good medical practice in action (GMPiA). 

If you have any questions about the new guidance, please telephone the Standards Team on 020 7189 5404 or email us at