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Consent to research: Sharing information

4. You must give people the information they want or need in order to decide whether to take part in research. How much information you share with them will depend on their individual circumstances. You must not make assumptions about the information a person might want or need, or their knowledge and understanding of the proposed research project.

5. In most cases, the information people will need to decide whether to take part in research will be included in the participant information sheet. The National Research Ethics Service gives advice on the design of information sheets and consent forms, and the key points they should cover. You should follow that advice if you are developing information sheets or consent forms.5

6. You should give people any further information they ask for. This might include a copy of the protocol approved by a research ethics committee (subject to considerations of confidentiality, commercial privilege or the possible undermining of the purpose of the study). You should make sure people have the details of an individual or organisation they can contact to discuss the research project and get further information. 

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