Financial and commercial arrangements and conflicts of interest (2013)

This guidance explains how the principles in Good medical practice apply for doctors when considering their responsibilities in financial and commercial arrangements and conflicts of interest.

It develops the duties and principles set out in Good medical practice and other explanatory guidance.

Doctors must follow all our guidance: serious or persistent failure to do so will put their registration at risk.

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Read our joint statement on Conflicts of Interest

This statement, developed in collaboration with the eight other health and care regulators overseen by the Professional Standards Authority, sets out the expectations of how doctors, and other professionals working in healthcare, should act in relation to avoiding, declaring and managing actual or potential conflicts of interest. The statement has been signed on behalf of the GMC by Chief Executive Charlie Massey. Together with the other regulators, we have produced case studies to illustrate the principles in practice. Two of these case studies focus on doctors, but all the scenarios could equally apply to doctors as well as other healthcare professionals.

You can read the full joint statement and case studies below.

Joint statement from the Chief Executives of statutory regulators of health and care professionals

CEO signatures (alphabetical by organisation)

Datganiad ar y cyd gan Brif Weithredwyr rheolyddion statudol gweithwyr iechyd a gofal proffesiynol (pdf)

Case studies supporting the statement