Good medical practice in action (GMPiA)

Interactive case studies – what should the doctor do?

Good medical practice in action (GMP in action) is a set of interactive scenarios in which you can follow a patient on his or her journey and decide what the doctor should do at crucial points in the process. The aim is to help doctors and others understand how the principles in our ethical guidance, Good medical practice (2013) and its supporting explanatory guidance apply in situations doctors face. 

GMC guidance brought to life. 

As part of the review of GMP, we’ve also updated GMPiA to give it a fresh new look and feel. We've updated the existing cases and have added new content dealing with some of the new duties in Good medical practice 2013 such as the guidance on ensuring continuity of care:

  • Dr Martinez works in Accident and Emergency and is concerned about his patient Lesley, 73, and how she'll cope at home alone with bruises and a fractured wrist following a fall down the stairs.

Explore this and all the other cases in GMPIA.