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On this page you can see your feedback to our polls and surveys in June 2011. Your feedback will be taken into account during the Review of Good Medical Practice.

What makes a good doctor?

In June we asked you, “What makes a good doctor?” Thank you to everyone who took part – we received 45 responses which expressed a wide range of ideas about what you want from a good doctor. The most common words were:

Here are some of the comments you submitted in full:

  • ‘Competent, confident and kind.'
  • ‘Seeking advice from colleagues and being knowledgeable, focused, kind and empowering makes patients feel happier and more in control.’
  • ‘A good doctor listens, involves the patient in discussions and treats them with dignity and respect at all times.’
  • 'The ability to listen, to empathise, to diagnose and treat illness with competence and compassion, and to ensure continued care.'
  • 'A good doctor should always be a good companion of their patients - treating the patient (not only the disease).'

It is clear that we all want many things from our doctors but that there are some common, recurring qualities and attributes. The current version of Good Medical Practice (2006) reflects many of these and through this review, we aim to ensure that it continues to represent the qualities that both doctors and patients look for in a good doctor.

Julia's Day: Episode One

More than 1,200 of you voted on what our fictional GP should do, after reading about her tricky ethical dilemma at the end of Episode one.

You can view the full poll results by clicking on the feedback tab on the Julia's Day page.

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