We're retiring the My GMP app

From 2 December 2019, we'll take My GMP out of service. After that, the app will no longer receive any updates, and you should delete it from your device.

See below for more information.

My GMP app

What is My GMP?

My GMP is an app for Android and iOS which lets users to access our ethical guidance on their mobile devices. Users can search the guidance and favourite paragraphs. Once downloaded, the app content is available offline.

Why are we retiring the app?

We’ve decided to retire the app based on user data. Since we launched our new website, most people now access our guidance there. And the majority of those who do download the app don’t return to use it again. This suggests the demand for accessing the guidance offline – a key feature of the app – has decreased significantly since the app was launched.

When will the app be retired?

We'll take the app out of service on 2 December 2019. From this date, the app will no longer receive any updates and users should delete it from their devices, as the content will no longer be valid. New users will be unable to download the app from 21 October 2019.

What replaces the app?

Customers can access all our ethical guidance on our website. Our website offers an accessible, user-friendly experience and has been optimised for mobile devices. We’ll continue to improve the website to make sure it offers a good experience for everyone who wishes to explore our ethical guidance.

Can I keep the app on my device?

No. Users should delete the app from their devices on 02 December 2019 or before. The app will not receive any updates from 2 December 2019 and the content will therefore be out of date.