What you need to know about the Good medical practice review

Good medical practice is the core guidance that doctors working in the UK must follow. It shapes the way they care for patients by describing the values and behaviours they must show.

We published the latest version of Good medical practice in 2013. Since then, patients’ expectations and the way medical professionals deliver care has evolved. 

That’s why we’ve decided to review the guidance now, so we can make sure that it’s relevant and realistic for the future.

What does the review involve?

The review will run until 2023, when we’ll publish our updated guidance. During this time, we’ll decide what changes we need to make to Good medical practice and the explanatory guidance that supports it.

We’ll explore a wide range of topics that affect patients and medical professionals, such as the development of new technologies, treatments and ways of working. And we’ll be guided by findings from public inquiries, published reports, our fitness to practise data and research we’ve commissioned.

We’ll also review our guidance to see if we can do more to address the inequalities and systematic issues that exist in medicine. This will help to create more inclusive supportive environments for all.

Who we’ll speak to throughout the review

We’ll speak to healthcare organisations across the four countries of the UK at every stage of the review. And in 2022 we’ll run a public consultation to gather the views of as many patients, medical professionals and healthcare experts as possible.

Our Good medical practice advisory forum, made up of healthcare leaders and patients advocates, will also help shape our thinking throughout the project. Its role will be to challenge us on key decisions and developments.

You can sign up to our community of interest to receive key updates about the review and to help shape our communications.