Gateways to the professions

This advisory guidance is aimed primarily at medical schools. It will also interest organisations involved in postgraduate medical training and many individuals, including disabled doctors, students and potential students.

Gateways to the professions provides practical suggestions to medical schools to make their courses more accessible to students with disabilities. 

We originally led the development of the advisory guidance as a partnership financially supported by 11 medical schools. Matched funding was provided through Gateways to the Professions, set up by the Department for Education and Skills (England), as it then was.

The guidance does not lay down new requirements, quality assurance standards or ‘policies’ from us or any of the other organisations involved.


The guidance has been revised to take account of developments since the first edition.

We have updated the guidance in 2014 to reflect outcomes from our health and disability review. The review looked at where there may be scope to promote greater clarity and consistency in support available for disabled students and doctors in training.

New resources

Here are some new resources we have developed through the health and disability review.

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