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Supplementary guidance for medical schools

This supplementary guidance gives medical schools extra advice on how to put the requirements of Promoting excellence and Outcomes for graduates into practice.

With the introduction of Promoting excellence: standards for medical education and training, we are reviewing our supplementary guidance and considering if there are areas where further supplementary guidance is needed. In the meantime it will still be available for reference.

These documents give you more advice about how to help prepare medical students for clinical practice and the foundation programme. We’ve included examples of what medical schools are already doing to give you some ideas.

Organising placements

What can medical students expect from their placements? What about their student assistantships in their final year, where they assist a junior doctor?

Clinical placements for medical students (pdf) answers these questions and sets out what medical schools should do when organising placements. It also includes advice on relationships with placement providers, patient safety and patients’ rights. 

Assessing students

How should medical schools assess their students? How should they set standards and mark exams?

Assessment in undergraduate medical education (pdf) sets out the different ways that medical schools can assess their students. It includes advice on reasonable adjustments, timing of exams and how to support examiners.

Involving patients and the public

Why should schools involve patients and others in educating their students? What benefits might this bring? How can schools make sure that when they do involve patients, they are doing so in the best way?

Patient and public involvement in undergraduate medical education (pdf) gives medical schools advice on the different ways they can include the experiences and views of patients and the public in medical education.

Developing teachers and trainers

What makes for a competent teacher? How are teachers and trainers selected, and how can schools make sure that they are prepared for their roles?

Developing teachers and trainers in undergraduate medical education (pdf) gives advice on how medical schools can support teachers and trainers, and help them to develop their skills.