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Does a student need to declare fitness to practise concerns to the GMC?

All final year students need to complete a fitness to practise declaration when applying for provisional registration to the GMC. This is because, as the professional regulator, we must only register medical graduates who are fit to practise. If we identify that a graduate’s fitness to practise is impaired, we have a responsibility to refuse registration until they can demonstrate remediation. This decision is independent from the medical schools’ assessment of their graduates.

The GMC does not need to receive information from students about student fitness to practise (SFTP) matters before provisional registration applications open. All SFTP matters are handled by medical schools. If you are a student and you wish to share a SFTP concern, either for yourself or one of your peers, the best thing to do is speak to your medical school, for example to your personal tutor.

We encourage final year students who may have a fitness to practise issue (past or present) to apply well in advance of their foundation year 1 (F1) start date, and as soon as the online application process opens. An early declaration gives us ample time to carry out any investigations needed and reach our decision.

It is important to highlight that we have refused provisional registration in a very small number of cases (30 cases in 2010-2016, compared to around 51,000 applications received in the same period). Of these graduates, a substantial number re-applied in the following year and were granted provisional registration.