Thought pieces on student fitness to practise guidance

Read our thought pieces about areas of the guidance that generated a lot of discussion among medical schools and their students. We will continue to add more pieces as the conversation about the guidance evolves.

  • Raising concerns: Raising concerns about professionalism is an important principle based on our standards for medical education and training. Read more on the importance of having clear policies for raising and acting on concerns – considering the different scenarios where concerns might be raised.
  • Remediation: In the context of student fitness to practise, remediation is where a student or graduate addresses concerns about their conduct, behaviour or health. This piece focuses on the key principles behind remediation, how students can demonstrate it, and how schools can support them in the process. It is primarily addressed to medical schools.
  • Legal representation: Should medical students going through fitness to practice procedures seek legal representation? Should their schools encourage them to do so? This piece outlines some principles to help schools and students make the decision of where legal representation would be useful – and what they should take into consideration.