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Expulsion from medical course

  1. 143. The committee or panel can expel a student from medical school if it considers it is the only way to protect patients, carers, relatives, colleagues or the public. The medical school and university should help the student transfer to another course if appropriate. But the nature of the student’s behaviour may mean they should not be accepted onto health-professional-related courses or, indeed, on any other course.
  2. 144. Expulsion, the most severe sanction, is appropriate if the medical school or university considers that the student’s behaviour is fundamentally incompatible with continuing on a medical course or subsequently practising as a doctor. See table 2 for points to consider when deciding if it is appropriate to expel a medical student.
  3. 145. Students who are expelled from a medical degree should be added to the excluded student database, which is hosted by the MSC. They should be told in writing that they will be added to the database and given a chance to appeal the decision to place them on the database.
  4. 146. Medical schools and universities should review their fitness to practise procedures to include appropriate measures to address a situation where a student with a fitness to practise concern leaves voluntarily before a conclusion is reached. All cases that reach a hearing should come to a formal decision and conclusion, even if the student leaves voluntarily before the hearing has concluded. Medical schools must give the student a full opportunity to participate in the hearing, even if he or she leaves voluntarily.