Working with doctors Working for patients


  1. 100. An undertaking is an agreement between a student and the medical school. Undertakings can be agreed at the investigation stage or by a panel or committee. They can be used in situations where the student’s behaviour is consistent with their fitness to practise being impaired but the student acknowledges this impairment, has insight and is seeking ways to address the underlying issues. Undertakings allow medical schools and medical students to come to an agreement as to the best course of action after they have identified a concern.
  2. 101. An undertaking is usually more appropriate in health-related cases where there is impairment of a student’s fitness to practise and may be put forward by the student before or instead of a formal fitness to practise hearing or determination.
  3. 102. Undertakings are only appropriate if there is reason to believe the student will comply with them, ie the student has shown genuine insight into their problems and wants to resolve them.
  4. 103. Undertakings may include:
  • compliance with an educational learning agreement associated with enhanced supervision
  • a commitment to undergo medical supervision for a health-related matter
  • complying with remedial teaching or learning experiences.
  1. 104. Undertakings are most likely to be appropriate if the concerns about the student’s fitness to practise are such that a period of remedial teaching or supervision, or both, is likely to be the best way to address them.
  2. 105. In some circumstances, such as where a student is already seeking appropriate support and therapy to manage a health condition, it may be appropriate to invite the student to agree undertakings. In these circumstances, medical schools should consider the points in table 2.
  3. 106. Medical schools should monitor students to make sure they comply with the agreed undertakings. The consequences of not complying with undertakings should be clearly set out to the student in writing when the undertakings are agreed.