When should students be given pastoral care and student support?

  1. 23. Giving support to students is pivotal in helping to prevent issues of behaviour or health becoming more serious and a greater cause for concern. Students may be affected by many issues during their time at medical school, including health, financial and family or other social issues. Medical schools should be aware that overseas medical students may have particular support needs due to their unfamiliarity with their new home and work environment. When concerns arise, medical schools should give their students access to appropriate support to help manage these issues.
  2. 24. It’s important that support is made available to students who are going through formal fitness to practise procedures. Written procedures should also include the requirement to give support to students from the outset of the process.
  3. 25. Medical schools should give their students clear information about the range and type of support services available. Staff should be aware of the details of what support is available and direct students to an appropriate service if necessary.
  4. 26. Support services may include:
  • student health services (including mental health)
  • disability support services
  • occupational health services
  • confidential counselling services
  • support services through the student union – this may include peer support, and financial, housing and legal help or advocacy
  • personal tutors.
  1. Medical schools may also wish to signpost students to medical defence organisations who can support students through fitness to practise processes.