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Subject Paragraphs
What does this guidance cover?
Using this guidance
How can medical students use this guidance?
The GMC’s role in promoting professionalism and fitness to practise 1-6
Considering equality and diversity issues 7-9
Fitness to practise throughout undergraduate education 10-15
Fitness to practise at graduation 16
How fitness to practise affects GMC provisional registration 17-22
When should students be given pastoral care and student support? 23-26
Working together and sharing information 27-32
Considering health and disability issues 33-39
Referring a student to occupational health
  1. Occupational health referral by medical school and self-referral by student
  1. Occupational health report, consent and disclosure
  1. Monitoring a treatment programme
Making adjustments to accommodate a student’s needs 46-50
Transfer of information as students move to F1 51-56
How should medical schools deal with concerns they receive about a student’s health or behaviour? 57-61
How should medical schools deal with low-level professionalism concerns?
Identifying low-level concerns 62-67
Taking action on low-level concerns 68-73
Medical student fitness to practise
What do we mean by student fitness to practise? 74-78
The threshold of student fitness to practise 79-80
Considering fitness to practise on the grounds of health 81-82
Reasons for impaired fitness to practise in medical students 83-85
  1. Table 1: Reasons for impaired fitness to practise in medical students
Referring a student to fitness to practise procedures 86-88
What is the role of the investigator? 89-96
What are the possible outcomes of an investigation? 97
  1. Warnings
  1. Undertakings
  1. Referral to fitness to practise committee or panel
Fitness to practise committee or panel
  1. Composition and training
  1. Committee or panel hearings
  1. Support and representation for medical students at committee or panel hearings
  1. Witnesses at committee or panel hearings
What are the outcomes of a fitness to practise committee or panel? 122
  1. Warnings or undertakings
  1. Sanctions
  1. Table 2: Outcomes of an investigation or fitness to practise committee or panel
Reviewing a student’s fitness to practise following a sanction 147
Timescales for fitness to practise procedures 148-149
Expelling students on health grounds
Confidentiality and disclosure 150-155
Appeals committees and panels 156-160
External complaints 161-162
Appendix - example of process for managing professionalism concerns and fitness to practise issues