Working with doctors Working for patients

Informing your medical school

  1. 39. Doctors must declare any health conditions which might affect their fitness to practise to the GMC so that it can take any necessary action to protect patients and help the doctor get the support they need.
  2. 40. As a medical student, you must tell your medical school about any serious health problems, or any aspect of your health or personal circumstances that could affect your training (especially your placements) or your relationship with colleagues. This is so that your medical school can support you, and it can only do this if it knows that you have a problem. Telling your medical school shows you have insight into the impact your condition may have on patients, your fellow students and yourself. This is a crucial factor that medical schools consider in relation to health and fitness to practise.
  3. 41. We have produced guidance for medical students and medical schools on dealing with mental health conditions, Supporting medical students with mental health conditions. There is also guidance that gives practical suggestions to medical schools to help them make medicine more accessible to disabled students in Gateways to the professions.