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Student fitness to practise

  1. 119. Medical schools must not allow a student to graduate if they are not fit to practise. They must also make sure that every student has met all the outcomes set out in Outcomes for graduates.
  2. 120. In exceptional cases, a student’s mental health may make it impossible for them to complete the course and meet the outcomes. In these circumstances, the medical school should be open with the student about its concerns and should try to come to a mutual agreement about the best course of action. It should offer support to the student in finding a career or degree course other than medicine.
  3. 121. Medical schools should give students who leave their course an appropriate qualification that reflects the amount of the course they have successfully completed. If the student has successfully completed more than three years of the course, then they should normally be awarded an alternative honours degree.
  4. 122. If a student leaves the course because of their mental health, either voluntarily or after discussions with the medical school, the school should keep a record of all the discussions it had with the student. This record should be shared with the student.
  5. 123. In some cases, the medical school and the student may not agree on the best course of action. When this happens, the medical school should use its fitness to practise process to make sure that the decision about the student’s future is impartial.
  6. 124. This process should involve gathering evidence from medical experts. They will be able to advise the panel on whether they think the student is able to meet the outcomes set out in Outcomes for graduates, and whether the student will be able to work as a doctor in the first year of the Foundation Programme (F1) in the UK. To help the panel and medical school make their decision, they may want to ask their local foundation school about what adjustments can be made during F1.
  7. 125. Before starting a student’s fitness to practise process, the medical school must make sure that it is able to show the support, interventions and reasonable adjustments it has made for the student. It should be able to show that it has made every effort to support the student to complete the course.