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Transition to the first year of the foundation programme

  1. 111. The transition from medical school to foundation training is crucial for all new doctors. For those who have had mental health conditions, it can be particularly important. Medical schools can provide a supportive environment for students that they might not get in postgraduate training. However, any potential risk to the student can be reduced if the transition is properly planned.
  2. 112. Medical schools should encourage students to be very open with their foundation school in their transfer of information (TOI) form. The student does not have to declare specific details about their condition on the form, but they should give the foundation school a realistic view of the support they will need. If a student does declare a mental health condition as part of the TOI process, then they should be made aware that only authorised foundation school staff members and the HR department of their employer will be able to access this information.
  3. 113. Medical schools should meet with students who have a mental health condition that could affect the location or delivery of the Foundation Programme. In this meeting, the medical school should:
  • discuss the student’s needs
  • support the student to complete their TOI form.
  1. 114. If a student’s needs could affect a decision about the location of their Foundation Programme, the medical school should also give advice on applying through the special circumstances process. Forms and guidance for the TOI and the special circumstances processes are reviewed every year and are available at:
  2. 115. Completing the TOI form will help make sure doctors get the support they need – for example, foundation doctors with a disability will be given placements where the adjustments they need can be made.
  3. 116. Medical schools should also tell students that they will need to declare to the GMC that they are fit to practise when they apply for provisional registration. They will be asked if they are aware of anything about their physical or mental health that might raise a question about their fitness to practise as a doctor in the UK.
  4. 117. Medical schools should encourage students to declare conditions to the GMC, but they should also emphasise that having a mental health condition – even a serious one – should not prevent them from getting registration.
  5. 118. The GMC has guidance on applying for provisional registration on our website. Medical schools and students are welcome to contact the GMC if they have questions about the registration process.