Working with doctors Working for patients

Work collaboratively with colleagues to maintain or improve patient care

  1. 45. Doctors must work collaboratively with other doctors and healthcare professionals to make sure patients are treated effectively.
  2. 46. When on clinical placements, you must be aware of and contribute fully to the work of the healthcare team. You must contribute effectively to any team you are part of in your non-clinical training.
  3. 47. You must treat your colleagues with respect. This includes your fellow students, clinical and non-clinical teachers, and those responsible for the administration of your course. You’ll also learn with students from other health professions, which is important to help you develop a better understanding of the roles that different professions play in a multidisciplinary healthcare team.
  4. 48. You must:
  • work collaboratively with your teachers, trainers, administrative or support staff and fellow students, including those from other healthcare professions
  • treat all peers and colleagues fairly and with respect
  • understand that your own behaviour can influence how well a team works and be prepared to adapt your behaviour to achieve the goals of the team.