Working with doctors Working for patients


  1. 30. This section explains what medical schools can do to create a supportive environment for their students. Medicine is an intensive course and some stress is inevitable. But medical schools should try to reduce the pressure put on their students and help them to strike a balance between being committed and being overworked.
  2. 31. When explaining that mental health conditions are a normal part of life, medical schools should be open about the fact that some students will struggle with university life. They should highlight the support services available to students.
  3. 32. Mental health conditions are normal, in the sense that they are:
  • common – in fact they are more prevalent among medical students than among the general population
  • expected to happen
  • planned for with flexibilities in education and training.
  1. 33. This message needs to be given and reinforced at every stage of a medical student’s career – particularly during high-pressure assessments and when moving to the next stage of their education and training.