Working with doctors Working for patients


Subject Paragraph
The responsibilities of medical schools to support students with mental health conditions
Introduction 1-7
Who is this guidance for? 8-17
Myth busters
Defining mental health 18-29
    Stress 20-22
    Mild-to-moderate mental health conditions 23-24
    Severe mental illnesses 25
    Eating disorders 26-27
    Substance misuse (including alcohol) 28-29
Prevention 30-57
    Entry to medical school 34-40
    Promoting well-being 41-44
    Openness and transparency 45-49
    Confidentiality 50-57
Occupational health services 58-60
Identification 61-82
    Staff development 63-64
    Personal tutors and pastoral support 65-70
    Peer support 71-74
    Student fitness to practise and monitoring professionalism 75-78
    General practitioners 79-82
Referral 83-88
Managing and supporting medical students with mental health conditions 89-107
    The case management model 90
    Substance misuse (including alcohol) 91-95
    Reasonable adjustments 96-100
    Taking time away from the course 101-107
Returning to a course 108-110
Transition to the first year of the foundation programme 111-118
Student fitness to practise 119-125
Appendix – the legal position 126-130
Further reading