Outcomes for graduates

Structure and overarching outcome

Overarching outcome for graduates

  1. Medical students are tomorrow's doctors. In accordance with Good medical practice, newly qualified doctors must make the care of patients their first concern, applying their knowledge and skills in a competent, ethical and professional manner and taking responsibility for their own actions in complex and uncertain situations.

Structure of the outcomes

Each section includes outcomes in a number of areas.

This document is supplemented by the Practical skills and procedures. This outlines the core set of practical skills, procedures and the minimum levels of performance that newly qualified doctors must have when they start work, so they can practise safely.

Illustrative figure of a doctor, the sections of each of the 3 outcomes is written above. The sections read: 'outcomes 1 - professional values and behaviour', 'outcomes 2 - professional skills' and 'outcomes 3 - professional knowledge'.