Outcomes for graduates

Medical students are tomorrow’s doctors. To meet the standards of Good medical practice, graduates must make the care of patients their first concern. They must apply their knowledge and skills in a competent and ethical manner. And they must use their ability to provide leadership and to analyse complex and uncertain situations.

Updated in 2018, this document sets out the knowledge, skills and behaviours that new UK medical graduates must be able to show.

Please note: Medical schools have until summer 2020 to make sure their curriculum meets the new Outcomes for graduates. Some students may therefore be taught in line with the previous version of Outcomes for graduates.

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Practical skills and procedures

The outcomes are supplemented by a list of practical skills and procedures, which sets out the skills, procedures and levels of competence newly qualified doctors must have, so they can practise safely when they start work.

Mapping the previous outcomes to the updated outcomes

To help you see what is new and what has changed, we have mapped the previous outcomes to the updated ones.

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We have also created extra guidance for medical schools, with advice on how to put these requirements into practice.

Supplementary guidance for Outcomes for graduates 2018

Previous outcomes and guidance

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Who is this document for?
This document is for anyone who needs to understand the knowledge, skills and behaviours required of UK medical graduates.
Why do you need this document?
This document sets out key required qualities, and should be read by anyone involved in (or receiving) medical education and training.