Generic professional capabilities framework

This framework sets out the essential generic capabilities needed for safe, effective and high quality medical care in the UK.

At its heart are the principles and professional responsibilities of doctors, and we have translated these into educational outcomes so they can be incorporated into curricula.

Although this framework relates to postgraduate medical education and training, we expect that it will support all phases of UK medical education and continuing professional development.

Excellence by design requires that the generic professional capabilities are included in all postgraduate curricula.

We thank the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges and key interest groups for their contribution to the development of this framework and to Generic professional capabilities: guidance on implementation.

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Who is this document for?
This document is written for those working in Colleges and faculties who are developing postgraduate curricula.
Why do you need this document?
Colleges and faculties are required to include this framework (and Good medical practice) within any postgraduate curricula.