Your privacy and confidentiality

We treat survey answers carefully. All questions are multiple choice and all responses will be kept confidential.

In the opening section we ask for your date of birth and GMC number. We ask these questions so that we can validate your identity and avoid duplicate responses.

Asking for your GMC number will also allow us to link to the data we already hold about you, so that we don’t have to ask for this information again.

All survey data will be held on GMC servers and only staff involved in delivering surveys and research will see individual responses to multiple choice questions.

Individual responses and identifiable data will never be shared with external organisations. We will collect and use the data you provide in the survey even if you do not go on to complete it. If would prefer for your data not to be used in this way please contact and we will remove your answers from analysis.

We’ll publish the findings in aggregated form so no individuals can be identified.

Read more about how we maintain your privacy and keep your answers confidential.