Using the online reporting tool

The SAS and LE doctor reporting tool allows you to view aggregated survey response data for the UK country and region in England of your choice. Where there are enough responses data is also available for individual trusts/boards and by specialty.

There are six tabs at the top of the reporting tool screen:

  • Results by country
  • Results by trust/board
  • Demographic tables
  • Download by trust/board
  • Results by main specialty
  • Download by main specialty

Results by country tab and Results by trust/board tab

Screenshot from the 'Specialty and Associate Specialist (SAS) & Locally Employed Doctors Survey report tool

There are dropdown lists above the data visualisations that allow you to change the data view.

  • Contract type: This gives you the option to view combined SAS and LE doctor responses, or SAS and LE doctors separately.
  • Country (results by country tab only): This allows you to view response data by UK country.
  • Display option: This allows you to view survey data as a table or a bar chart. The data in both chart and table view is the same.
  • Main specialty (results by specialty tab only): This allows you to view survey data by specialty.
  • Region (results by trust/board tab only): This allows you to view response data by England region.
  • Trust/board (results by trust/board tab only): This gives you the option to view responses for a trust/ board in the region or country selected in the Region dropdown.
  • Question theme: you can select a theme from the survey to view the corresponding questions and response data.
  • Question (results by country tab only): You can view data for a single question or all questions within the selected theme.

As you select an option from the dropdowns you will see the values change in the table or chart underneath.

Please note:

  • Not all trusts/boards have response data. Where this is the case, a message will be displayed on screen.
  • To protect the identity of respondents, we have excluded data for questions with less than three responses. We have also rounded the number of respondents to the nearest five (e.g. 331 respondents will be displayed as 330 in Table view).
  • Respondents were able to select multiple answers for some of the survey questions. These questions are indicated in the reporting tool with a † symbol. Responses to these questions are presented as a proportion of the total responses received.

Demographic tables tab

You can select this tab to view information about the survey population's demographic and other relevant characteristics. These are:

  • age
  • gender
  • ethnicity
  • primary medical qualification world region
  • contract type

Detailed guidance on using the reporting tool.

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