We have developed an SAQ template which focuses on our standards in Promoting excellence, and which was developed with the input of the pilot organisations and the task and finish groups. We may also include additional questions in the SAQ, for example if we are carrying out a thematic or UK-wide review. We will ask organisations to review the data we hold about them when completing the SAQ, particularly if there are any outliers that concern us.

Our aim is to avoid duplication. When they are completing the SAQ organisations do not need to repeat last year's response if it is still current. If they work closely with another organisation that has already told us about how a standard is covered by a centralised function, we don't need to see this detail again. We also want the cycle, where possible, to fit to organisations' schedules. To enable this, they will be able to discuss with us when in the year they want to submit their questionnaire and we will do our best to accommodate that.

Copies of the template forms are available in Forms and guidance.