Quality activity

Quality activity will usually be agreed with you in the SAQ feedback meeting, and we will always aim to be proportionate and create the least possible burden for organisations and the service. However, where we have concerns, these will always be our priority. We are also keen to see areas of excellence, innovation and notable practice. There may also be UK-wide themes that we're interested in exploring further.

We are interested in the different ways organisations work and we may ask to observe something because we've never seen it before, or because no other organisation does it that way.

We envisage that most quality activities will be observing activities that organisations manage and have already arranged. We may also request additional information or documentation to support their SAQ submission. The new process allows for information from activities led by third parties to form part of our overall assurance. And where required, we can undertake GMC-led activities, such as visits or bespoke surveys.

Copies of the template forms are available in Forms and guidance.