Overview of QA process

A diagram with two circles. The outer circle is labelled '4 year cycle' and contains an arrow pointing around clockwise with a single item labelled 'declaration'. The inner circle is titled 'annual cycle' and contains four items labelled 'regulatory assessment', 'self-assessment', 'triangulation and gap analysis' and 'quality activity'


Organisations will be asked to declare that they meet, or are working towards meeting, the standards set out in Promoting excellence. If we have serious concerns about an organisation's ability to meet the standards, we may defer their declaration.


Organisations will review their data and intelligence, including any we hold, which we will share, and submit an annual self-assessment questionnaire (SAQ).

Triangulation and gap analysis

We will review each organisation's completed SAQ alongside our data and intelligence. We will meet with each organisation to discuss their SAQ and agree any follow up quality activity.

Quality activity

We will undertake proportionate quality activity to seek assurance that our standards are being met, or to explore excellence, innovation or notable practice detailed in the SAQ. Activities may include document requests, meetings, shadowing, observations, visits and document reviews. We may also undertake quality activities as part of a UK-wide or thematic review outside of the SAQ.

Annual Quality Assurance Summary

We will produce an annual QA summary noting the self-assessment, triangulation and quality activity. This summary will include any requirements or recommendations we set as a result of our quality activity, as well as areas of excellence, innovation or notable practice.