A key change in the new process will be the introduction of declaration, which marks the beginning of the four-year QA cycle. Each organisation will be expected to make an initial declaration that they are meeting and/or working towards the standards of Promoting excellence. Each organisation's declaration will be published on our website, as well as the expected next declaration date.

We will then work with the organisation through their annual SAQ to check that our standards continue to be met, and that progress is made addressing any gaps if they are not. We will also be keen to learn more about areas of notable practice.

We expect that the declaration process will be straightforward and present little burden to organisations; they will complete a simple form and upload it to GMC Connect. However, if we have serious concerns about their engagement with the process over the course of the cycle, or their ability to meet the standards, we will consider deferring their declaration while we undertake more work with them to seek assurance on these issues.

Copies of the template forms are available in Forms and guidance.