Review of our quality assurance process

In the first phase of our quality assurance review, we have focused on updating our proactive processes for quality assuring the management and delivery of medical education and training. This follows the completion of our cycle of regional and national reviews that ended in 2018.

Following an extensive programme of research and engagement, in February our Council approved plans to pilot the proposed process throughout 2019.

Aim of our review

The aim of our review is to make sure that our processes effectively check that our standards for the management and delivery of medical education and training are being met by medical schools and postgraduate training organisations (PTOs).

Working together to improve our processes

It is essential that the organisations we quality assure are supportive of our processes and therefore important that they have opportunities to give feedback throughout this review.

From February to December 2019 we have been piloting the proposed process with medical schools and PTOs in Wales and the West Midlands. We chose Wales and West Midlands because they were reviewed at the beginning of the previous quality assurance (QA) cycle and had therefore had the longest period without a review. Included in the pilot were:

  • Health Education West Midlands
  • Warwick Medical School
  • Birmingham Medical School
  • Keele Medical School
  • Health Education and Improvement Wales
  • Cardiff Medical School
  • Swansea Medical School.

To make sure organisations not included in the pilots were able to contribute to discussions around the development of the new process, we created two task-and-finish groups with membership offered to all medical schools and PTOs.

Roll-out schedule

We are pleased to report that the pilot was very successful and in February 2020 our Council gave us approval to proceed with rolling out the new process to organisations in spring/summer 2020.

We will ask all organisations to make their first declaration during either 2020 or 2021 and a subsequent declaration before the end of 2025. Following that they will re-declare every four years. We wrote to each dean in July 2019 to let them know their schedule.