Who will take the MLA?

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  2. Who will take the MLA?

All UK students would need to pass the MLA to obtain a primary medical qualification. We will talk to medical schools about how the MLA will fit into their assessment arrangements.

For international medical graduates the MLA will replace the current PLAB test. 

If your UK degree will end in 2022. Will you have to take the MLA?

We are still working on detailed plans for the MLA. We intend to have the first live runs of the MLA tests in 2022. As part of our development work, we will be talking to medical schools about how this will fit with their different course structures.  

If you're already on the medical register. Will you have to take the MLA?

No. The MLA will be for people who are applying for registration. 

If you're applying to join the medical register before 2022. Will you have to take MLA?

No. The requirement to pass the MLA will start in 2022.

If you're an IMG planning to take PLAB, will you have to take the MLA?

Once MLA replaces PLAB you will take MLA. Before that, you will take PLAB. 

Will EU/ EEA doctors have to take the MLA?

We hope that in future we will be allowed by law to test the knowledge and skills of EEA graduates through the MLA. At the moment, the law says that doctors from the EEA may register on the basis of their qualifications alone. Any change to this is subject to the outcome of negotiations on the UK leaving the EU. Once these are complete, we will be able to decide about this.

Will anyone be exempt from taking the MLA?

Some doctors entering the UK from overseas are exempt from the existing PLAB tests. So it is possible that some doctors will be exempt from the MLA under similar arrangements. 

We are reviewing these exemptions with stakeholders and delivery partners to see if any changes are needed. We will share proposals for comment before finalising them.

Where can you go to ask different questions and let us know what you I think?

If you have any additional questions or comments, please contact our MLA team at mla@gmc-uk.org.