Developing the MLA

Why do this?

When a doctor applies to join the medical register, we must be sure they are safe to practice. We already confirm this in a number of ways. The MLA builds on our existing assurance work by setting a common threshold for safe practice. This means that we and the wider community can be assured that doctors joining the medical register with a licence to practice meet that threshold.

The threshold will be the same no matter where they obtained their medical degree.

There are other benefits. These include:

  • Fairness to candidates, whichever medical school they attended and whether they come from the UK, Europe or the rest of the world.  
  • Supporting us to maintain the high standard of UK medical education as more students and potential new schools are added into the mix. 
  • Sharing best practice between medical schools and the GMC.

How are you developing MLA?

We are now working on the details of the MLA and how it will work. 

This work includes conferring with expert advisers, whose role is to guide and challenge us. These advisers will help us make the assessment and the tests as effective as possible.

We will also talk to each medical school and consult medical students and other interest groups. This will help us understand the practical issues involved in introducing the MLA, and how to do this in the least disruptive way.

We are commissioning research to answer specific questions that come out of the development process. This will help us learn from existing information and the experience of other people and organisations.