Why are we revising the guidance?

Listening to our stakeholders

Our stakeholders have told us that a new version of the guidance will help them more in supporting students and doctors with disabilities. It has also been four years since the latest version of Gateways to the professions was published, so we want to produce new guidance to reflect recent developments.

Get in touch with us at quality@gmc-uk.org if you would like any more information about our work programme.


In 2012-13 we completed our last review of health and disability. Here is a list of key documents from the previous review:

  • The report of the group leading the 2012-13 review (May 2012). This gives the initial findings of the group and suggests possible areas for action at the time.
  • The position statement about disabled medical students and doctors in training (May 2013).
  • The report from the research we commissioned into Identifying good practice among medical schools in the support of students with mental health concerns.
  • The survey tool we developed to help medical schools understand their students' needs.
  • Short films and written accounts, on the next page, from students, doctors in training and doctors who have dealt with health and disability issues during their career.