Experiences shared – personal stories

Disabled students, doctors in training and practitioners share their experiences of medical education and training.

As part of our review of health and disability in medical education and training, we asked disabled students and doctors to talk about their experiences during their medical careers.

Watch the short films and read the stories to discover the issues they faced and how they dealt with them, and pass these on to colleagues, friends and others who may find them helpful or interesting.

Experiences shared: Challenges you have faced

In this film, find out what those with a physical or mental disability view as the main obstacles to training.

Experiences shared: Reasonable adjustments

In this film, interviewees talk about the adjustments which have been made to help them in their training environment.

Experiences shared: Transitional arrangements

In this film, find out how people have made the jump from one stage of their medical education to another and the support they have received along the way.

Download our collection of personal stories

Read some personal stories from disabled students and doctors on reasonable adjustments made throughout their medical careers.