What are we doing to address differential attainment?

Our Standards makes sure that education and training is fair and is based on principles of equality and diversity. In light of this, we are working with others to explore the root causes and potential opportunities to address DA. We are raising awareness of DA amongst trainees and educators. We are also working to build confidence in the profession to have difficult conversations about DA.

We are developing practical tools which organisations may use to develop interventions which aim to support trainees. These include:

Equality and diversity considerations for Promoting excellence

We have commissioned research into the evaluation and impact of DA interventions, which will be available in autumn 2018.

Who are we working with?

The DA programme of work is a large piece of work which we have been working on since 2013. We are working with a range of stakeholders, both inside and outside of medical education, to raise awareness and holding organisations to account in order to meet the challenges of tackling DA.

More information

If you would like any further information, or to share your ideas and examples for addressing DA, please contact: quality@gmc-uk.org.