Practical guide to evaluation

Education providers across the UK are working to tackle differential attainment and make sure training is fair for all doctors. To do this, they’re developing interventions – which can include everything from how training posts are allocated, to unconscious bias training for educators, to informal peer support or mentoring.

Our 2016 research into Fair training pathways identified that lots of work was underway locally to support trainees and improve outcomes, particularly for disadvantaged groups.

Very few of these interventions had been formally evaluated, so there was little evidence to show if they were effective. In response, we commissioned Work Psychology Group to undertake researchand develop resources to help those designing interventions to evaluate them.

Work Psychology Group is a research consultancy which develops insight driven, practical tools.

Read the research: Evaluating the impact of interventions aimed at addressing variation in progression associated with protected characteristics known as 'differential attainment'