We are planning to introduce a process of credentialing in 2019 which will recognise expertise and provide training opportunities in areas of practice where:

  • there may be significant patient safety issues, or
  • training opportunities are insufficient or do not provide adequate flexibility to support effective service delivery.

Our draft framework sets out our proposals for credentialing, including how credentials would be identified and implemented.

What is a credential?

We are proposing that optional components within specialty training or substantial areas existing outside training will become credentials. Like postgraduate curricula, credentials will describe the expected outcomes and capabilities doctors must demonstrate as they become experts in the field.

Credentials are intended to complement existing training pathways and to help doctors develop their careers.

Our draft framework

We engaged on our draft framework until January 2019. We're now analysing what we heard and refining our proposals in preparation for launch in spring 2019. For an overview of the framework, you can read our summary document:

For the full framework and how credentialing can support doctors and patient safety, please read:

The feedback you've shared will help inform the development of the final framework.

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