Welcomed and valued: Supporting disabled learners in medical education and training

About this guidance

The guidance is advisory, to help organisations consider how best to support medical students and doctors in training. It does not lay down new requirements, quality assurance standards or policies from the GMC or any of the other organisations involved. The guidance refers to statutory requirements for medical schools and organisations involved in postgraduate training, and provides practical suggestions for organisations to consider.

This guidance is also underpinned in our standards for doctors, medical students, and medical education and training. This means that patient safety is the first priority. Patient safety is inseparable from a good learning environment and culture that values and supports learners and educators.

This document replaces Gateways to the professions. It reaffirms the principles from Gateways to the professions and aims to give more practical advice for the day-to-day aspects of medical education and training.

This guidance is split into the following six sections: