Who are we?

A career in medicine can be challenging as well as rewarding. We're here to make sure that you – now as a medical students and in the future as a doctor – have the right training, experience and support to deliver high quality patient care.

We do this by:

  • promoting high standards of medical education and training
  • producing ethical guidance, such as Achieving good medical practice, to help you in your studies and work
  • making sure that doctors who join the medical register have the training, skills and experience needed to meet our standards.

Meet some of the people at the GMC who are dedicated to helping you, and find out about some of our projects to support you to become a good doctor.

My name is Dan Wynn...

and I am one of many liaison advisers working across the UK.

A core part of my job, and one of my favourite parts, is speaking with medical students about our ethical guidance and our wider role, including how we regulate medical education. I'm based in Scotland, so if you're at a Scottish medical school you'll hopefully see me or one of my colleagues in your first, middle and final years.

We really want you and all medical students to know that the GMC is an open, accessible organisation, and one that you can get involved with in all sorts of interesting ways! I look forward to seeing you soon.

Image of Dan Wynn
Dan Wynn

My name is Tanita Cross...

and I create digital content for our Communications team.

I make podcasts, videos and social media content to help you understand how to use our ethical guidance, and show you all the other ways we can support you during your career. I'm also one half of the team that will reply to any queries you send us on Twitter or Facebook.

My favourite projects are the ones where I get to collaborate with you to create and share content that showcases the amazing work you're doing. Find out how you can get involved. I look forward to snapping you on camera one day!

Image of Tanita Cross
Tanita Cross

My name is William Curnow...

and I design and develop assessment policies as part of our Education team.

I help to shape the standards and requirements we expect medical schools to meet when delivering your education. These include our Outcomes for graduates and Practical skills and procedures. These act as guides for what you need to learn during your time at medical school, and are what medical schools use to develop their curriculum.

We want you to get a great education and feel prepared for practice by the time you graduate. I enjoy being part of the team that helps to make this happen.

Image of William Curnow
William Curnow

My name is Ioanna Maraki...

and I'm part of the team developing the Medical Licensing Assessment (MLA), which you'll take as part of your degree if you graduate from 2024-25 onwards.

At medical school you'll cover the core knowledge and skills you need to become a Foundation doctor once you graduate. The MLA will be your opportunity to demonstrate that you can meet the standards we set for safe medical practice in the UK. The good news is that your course is the best preparation for the MLA, so you won't need to learn anything else.

We're working with all UK medical schools on the MLA's development. Find out the latest on our MLA webpages.

Image of Ioanna Maraki
Ioanna Maraki

My name is Emma Reuben...

and I make sure, when you graduate, that you're registered in time to start the Foundation Programme.

This process starts in September of your final year when we create your GMC reference number. You'll have this number for the rest of your career! Through autumn and winter, we get in touch about our registration process and complete your ID check. In spring we'll invite you to apply for provisional registration and then process your application in time for you to start work in the summer.

My aim is to make registration, and the move from student to provisionally registered doctor, as seamless and stress-free as possible. I look forward to meeting you when you're ready to join the register!

Emma Reuben
Emma Reuben