Useful resources

The reflective practitioner - guidance for medical students

To be a good doctor you must be able to learn from your experiences. Part of this process is what we call reflective practice. In collaboration with the Medical Schools Council, we've produced guidance to give you practical tips and examples of how to make reflective practice a regular part of your routine, starting now.

This includes:

  • Finding the style that works for you
  • When it's useful to reflect on your work
  • How to record reflections anonymously.

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Guidance and interactive learning tools

We provide guidance on a wide range of topics. Some of the topics you may find most useful while at medical school include:

We've also developed interactive learning tools to help you understand how the principles in our guidance apply to clinical practice. Good medical practice in action allows you to test your understanding of our guidance by choosing from over 60 scenarios exploring different ethical issues. And our mental capacity tool helps you to work through the steps you need to take when assessing a patient's capacity and deciding what to do next.

Ethical hub

Browse through our ethical hub to find a collection of resources that help you to address important ethical issues. These cover topics that doctors often ask us about or have told us they find challenging. These include, among others: