Supporting medical students with mental health conditions

This guidance gives advice and examples of good practice for medical schools, so the best possible support can be given to students who have mental health conditions.

Produced jointly with the Medical Schools Council, the guidance is designed to be flexible, so that medical schools can improve existing processes rather than having to make radical changes, and includes practical suggestions on a range of issues, such as:

  • what can medical schools do to help to reduce mental health problems in their students
  • how can medical schools work with occupational health services
  • how can medical schools deal with mental health conditions that relate to fitness to practise concerns.
Supporting medical students with mental health conditions

Inside the guidance

Who is this guidance for?
This guidance is for medical schools, medical students, and people and organisations involved in postgraduate medical education and training.
Why do you need this document?
This guidance details how medical schools can support students with mental health conditions, and promote good mental health and well-being.