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Log your learning on the go with My CPD, our free app. 

Opportunities for learning happen every day, but we don’t always have time to note them down, never mind reflect on them.

As long as you have your phone or tablet close by, you’ll be able to quickly and easily note points of learning and reflections when they happen.

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What doctors say...

'I like the fact it lets you continuously update your CPD as you go on your portable media. It’s easy to then export into your appraisal software, saving a lot of preparation time.'

'The app allowed me to log learning while working on the shop floor in the Emergency Dept. There is an opportunity to quickly input a reflection on the events there and then rather than trying to find time at some other point. It was quick and practical, easy to access and use.'

'I like the convenience of having on phone, rather than having to record notes on paper or sign on to the appraisal site.'

'Excellent design, user-friendly, time saving, helps to ensure that time spent learning gets recorded and easily available to help summarise CPD when it comes to pulling documentation together for the annual appraisal.'

'A handy, slick appraisal tool for doctors on the move - anywhere, anytime, anything.'

'Easy to use, all your CPD activities can be retrieved at any time. I am sure it will help me on next appraisal.'

'A portable, timesaving framework for capturing CPD, structured around the headers of Good medical practice.'

What can I do with My CPD?

  • Record your learning in a way that suits you. No matter how you group your learning the app allows you to record as many activities as you need to.
  • Manage your CPD at any time. You can assign CPD credits to activities and track how many you’ve recorded during your appraisal year.
  • Reflect on your practice and the impact of new learning. You can note any changes you plan to make to your practice. The app will prompt you at a future date to consider the effects of the change.
  • Share your learning. My CPD enables you to export any or all your learning activities in the form or a pdf or Excel report. You can use this to share your activities and reflections with colleagues.
  • Transfer activities to other systems. You can move your activities to another CPD, appraisal or revalidation system if you record your learning with your royal college.
  • Take photos and append them to your chosen learning activity on the app. No more filing certificates from conferences and seminars. 
  • Access tips and new learning. You can also refer to tips and case studies to help you plan and reflect on your CPD and prepare for your next appraisal.

    Your questions answered  

    Who is My CPD aimed at and what does it do?

    My CPD is for all doctors on the UK medical register.

    It will be useful for doctors in training and even medical students as it helps you log your learning on the go.

    Doctors who have annual revalidation appraisals may find it especially useful. It will help you record you learning, reflect and note the effects of changes to your practice.

    If you store examples like this you should be in a great position to discuss your CPD with your appraiser.

    My CPD also contains advice and case studies to help you plan your CPD, evaluate the success of your CPD, and prepare for appraisal. 

    What operating systems/devices can I access My CPD from?

    My CPD is available on Android 4.0.3 or above and iOS 7.0 or above.

    My CPD is not currently available on Windows Phone, BlackBerry or other mobile operating systems. This is because of the high development costs relative to the potential number of users.

    My CPD will not run on a rooted or jailbroken device. This is in line with guidance from a leading information security partner on the serious information risks associated with running applications on a rooted or jailbroken device. 

    Will the GMC read what I write?

    No – this is covered in the terms and conditions. You can view them in My CPD when you register for your account. You can also find a link in the 'About' section of My CPD.

    Can I include information about specific patients in my notes?

    No. You should avoid this because there are circumstances where you may be obliged to produce what you have recorded, eg as a result of a court order, or even a freedom of information request. (More detailed information in the terms and conditions.) 

    What resources are available to help me understand how My CPD works?

    My CPD has a help overlay which shows what the main buttons do on key pages. To access this, go to 'Settings', and click on 'Help overlays'. 

    What does the graphic on the homepage represent?

    The graphic is showing two things.

    • It’s showing how your learning covers the four Good medical practice domains. One learning activity may cover several domains, which is why the combined total of the numbers by the bars adds up to more than the total number of activities you’ve logged.
    • It’s showing, within each domain, how many of the activities you have reflected on.

    If you tap on the name of the domain you can read more about each one. 

    How do I log a learning activity?

    Click on the plus sign at the bottom of the screen, then complete the fields. Not every screen on My CPD has a + at the bottom, so if you can’t see one, go to menu (the three horizontal lines in the top corner) and choose 'My activities'.

    You can complete as much of the information as you wish, but you should try to fill in the name, type of activity and a brief account of what you learned. 

    How do I find a learning activity I’ve previously created?

    You can either use the search facility on the My CPD activities page, or use filter.

    The search window is at the top of your list of activities. As you type, the list of activities reduces to show only those activities with the search term included.

    To filter the list of activities, click on the funnel icon at the bottom of the screen then use the filtering page to set the criteria for the activities you are interested in.

    When filling in an activity, one of the fields is called PDP objectives. Open it, and it asks you to create bubbles containing PDP objectives. You can call these what you want.

    Next time you’re filling in an activity, your bubble options will be there for you to choose or add to. 

    What are 'My tags' and how can I use them?

    The app allows you to categorise each learning activity by type of learning, Good medical practice domain and if you wish, your personal development plan objective.

    You might want to add your own categories, for instance specialty-specific and general.

    The section called 'My tags' allows you to create your own categories. My CPD will store them so you only have to type them in once. 

    What does My CPD mean when it talks about reflecting?

    When you log a learning activity on the app, it invites you to summarise what you learned. It also asks you to reflect on how you might change your practice as a result of that learning.

    The app lets you set a reminder for yourself so you can check whether the changes you have made have worked. If so, you can note this in the activity, or you can set another reminder for a date further in the future. 

    How can I flag activities that are important to me or I want to go back to?

    While editing the activity, touch the flag which turns it blue.

    You can view all the flagged activities together by using the filter functionality in the 'My activities' section. 

    What does the complete bar show me on the 'My activities' screen?

    This shows you have filled in what you have learned, your reflections on how you will change your practice, and the effects of those changes.

    I’ve deleted an activity by accident, how do I recover them?

    Once you have chosen to delete it, there's no way of recovering it on the app.

    When you delete an activity, you receive a prompt giving you the chance to export the activity to another system before you delete the record altogether.

    How do I export my learning activities?

    You can export all learning activities by going to your list of activities and tapping the upwards arrow symbol to the right of the 'My activities' heading.

    You will be asked to choose which format you'd like to export in.

    It will export all fields for each activity by default. My CPD also allows you to omit information you don't think you will need and change the order of fields.

    How do I export some of my activities, rather than all?

    If you only want to export some of them, you can reduce the list using the filter functionality.

    Click on the funnel icon at the bottom of the screen then use the filtering screen to set the criteria for the activities you want to export. 

    How do I provide feedback on the app including useful enhancements?

    The best way is to email Please title your email 'CPD app'. 

    The iOS app cannot access my camera or microphone, how can I fix this?

    Go to iOS settings, then 'Privacy'. Select camera or microphone and set My CPD to 'on'.

    How do I set my CPD credit target?

    On the homepage, just under the main graphic it says 'View CPD credits'. The first time you click on this link you will be asked to input your target for the year. If you wish to amend it at any other time you can do so in 'Settings', which you can access via the main menu.

    How do I reset my password?

    You can either reset your password using the forgotten password link, or via 'Settings'. 

    How do I turn on/off push and email notifications?

    Go to 'Settings' and reset 'Notifications'. 

    How do I turn on/off push notifications?

    If you are using an iOS device, go to iOS settings and select the My CPD application. Select notifications and turn notifications on or off.

    If you are using an Android device, go to Android settings then Application Manager and select My CPD. Turn notifications on or off.

    Can I record partial CPD credits, for example half credits or adding credits in decimals?

    Unfortunately, My CPD does not currently support partial CPD credits. A future update will include this function.