Derogations from approved curricula

Throughout the pandemic, the Statutory Education Bodies and Medical Royal Colleges and Faculties have worked to maintain access to training and to critical assessments, and ensure where possible doctors continue to progress at the expected rate.

Where disruption to training has been unavoidable, the GMC have agreed changes to curricula requirements to enable progression at ARCP where it is safe for patients and supports trainee well-being.

The list of all curricula that have approved derogations is provided on the next page.

Principles we have used to approve derogations

The GMC sets the standard for the award of a CCT including the learning outcomes and tests of competence to be completed (section 34H of the Medical Act 1983).

We approve curricula designed by Medical Royal Colleges and Faculties against Excellence by Design standards. Approved curricula set out the learning outcomes, levels of performance and evidence required at critical progression points including CCT.

We have applied the following principles when approving these changes:

  • Patient safety is paramount and sits at the core of education standards; trainees must not work beyond their competence
  • Maintaining standards - the standard for entry to the specialist and GP register remains consistent; trainees must meet all learning outcomes at the level of performance required for entry to the specialist and GP registers
  • We are looking to holistically assess a doctor’s competency, not quantity of assessments completed
  • We are looking to assess whether outcomes are achieved, not the time spent working on a particular area
  • We need to maintain proportionality and support diversity.