Doctors who are recognised trainers who are due to have their recognition expire before 31 July 2021 will have their recognition extended by 12 months.

We're doing this to give postgraduate education organisers, medical schools and recognised trainers more time to update and maintain their list of approved and recognised trainers. This includes doctors who have been recognised as a:

  • named postgraduate clinical supervisor
  • named postgraduate educational supervisor
  • lead coordinator of undergraduate training at each placement location; or
  • doctor responsible for overseeing students’ educational progress at each medical school.

We hope this will help the health service to prioritise clinical care for patients.

Lists of recognised GP and specialist trainers

Under the medical act, we can approve and publish a list of GP trainers. 

We don’t currently approve specialty, Foundation and undergraduate trainers, but we have a process for the recognition of these trainers. 

For information on how we approve or recognise trainers, click here.

How we update the register

It is the responsibility of the medical school (undergraduate trainers)/ deanery (postgraduate trainers) to update and maintain their list of approved and recognised trainers with us through our secure portal, GMC Connect. 

If you are a registered practitioner, and your record on the register does not show your trainer role, please contact your medical school/deanery to ask that they submit your details on GMC Connect.